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Additional Resources

To support your journey with Allfeat, whether you're a developer, a validator, or simply interested in the platform, we've compiled a list of additional resources. These resources range from technical documentation and tools to community forums where you can ask questions and share insights.

Documentation and Tutorials

  • Substrate Developer Hub: Since Allfeat is built with Substrate, this hub offers valuable resources for understanding the underlying framework. Explore Substrate

Tools for Development

  • Talisman Wallet Extension: A browser extension for managing accounts both in the EVM and Substrate ecosystems. Get the Extension

Community and Support

  • Allfeat Discord: A lively place for real-time chat with the Allfeat developer community. Join Discord
  • Stack Overflow: Use the solidity,substrate, or allfeat tags on Stack Overflow for technical questions. Ask on Stack Overflow
  • Polkadot Network: Learn about the broader ecosystem in which Allfeat operates. Discover Polkadot
  • OpenZeppelin: For smart contract development, OpenZeppelin offers security products, audits, and a developer community. Explore OpenZeppelin

Contributing to Allfeat

Interested in contributing to the Allfeat project? We welcome contributions of all kinds, from code to documentation. Learn how you can contribute by visiting the Contributing Guide.

Your involvement can help shape the future of decentralized applications and the Allfeat platform. Whether you're contributing code, participating in discussions, or simply spreading the word, every bit of support is invaluable.