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Wallet Recommendations for Allfeat


To interact with the Allfeat network, users require a digital wallet that is compatible with the platform's unique specifications. While Allfeat utilizes an address format compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) standards, it's built on the Substrate framework, which provides additional functionalities beyond what standard EVM can offer.

EVM-Compatible Address Format

Allfeat blockchain addresses adhere to the EVM standard, starting with a 0x prefix, encoded in the hexadecimal format. These addresses are derived from the public key of an account and are typically 40 hexadecimal characters long, representing the last 20 bytes of the Keccak-256 hash of the public key. This format ensures a degree of interoperability with many Ethereum-based wallets, though full functionality requires a wallet that supports both EVM and Substrate features.

Fully Compatible Wallets


  • Best for Substrate Features: Talisman is tailored for Substrate's advanced features, providing optimal compatibility with the Allfeat blockchain.
  • Website: Talisman

Primarily EVM-Compatible Wallets

The following wallets are primarily designed for EVM compatibility and might offer limited support for Substrate-specific features on the Allfeat blockchain.


  • Popular Choice for Ethereum Users: MetaMask is widely adopted within the Ethereum community, known for its user-friendly interface and extensive dApp support.
  • Website: MetaMask

Trust Wallet

  • Convenient for Mobile Users: Trust Wallet offers a secure mobile interface for managing digital assets and engaging with decentralized applications.
  • Website: Trust Wallet

Compatibility Considerations

While wallets designed for EVM compatibility can manage basic transactions and smart contract interactions on the Allfeat blockchain, they may not fully support Substrate-specific features such as on-chain governance and staking. For users seeking to engage deeply with the Allfeat ecosystem, a Substrate-compatible wallet like Talisman is recommended to ensure access to all platform features.


Selecting an appropriate wallet is crucial for engaging with the Allfeat blockchain effectively and securely. Depending on your interaction requirements, you might choose a widely-used EVM wallet for basic functionality or opt for a Substrate-compatible wallet like Talisman for comprehensive platform engagement. Ensure your chosen wallet meets your needs for exploring the full potential of the Allfeat platform.