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Overview of Allfeat Specific Functionalities


Welcome to the overview of Allfeat-specific functionalities.

This section provides insights into the unique features and principles that power the Allfeat platform for the music industry.

Music Industry Decentralized Data Structures (MIDDS)

At the core of Allfeat's innovation is the concept of Decentralized Data Structures designed for the Music Industry (MIDDS). MIDDS are designed to store and manage music-related data in a decentralized manner, optimized for the unique requirements of the music industry. This ensures data integrity, transparency, and accessibility across the network.

Key Components of MIDDS

Artist Profiles

MIDDS includes decentralized storage for artist profiles, ensuring that information about the Artist is securely stored on the blockchain, making it tamper-proof and easily accessible.

Music Releases Metadata

(Planned Q3 2024)

MIDDS manages the details of songs, albums, and EPs, creating a distributed ledger that records and preserves music releases in a permanent and transparent manner.

(Planned Q1 2025)

MIDDS provides structured data and logic to manage copyrights effectively, ensuring that the rights of artists and content creators are protected and verifiable on-chain. This includes mechanisms for tracking ownership, licensing, and usage rights in a transparent and immutable manner.

Implementation with FRAME

To implement MIDDS within the blockchain, Allfeat utilizes the Substrate framework and its modular system, FRAME. FRAME allows for the creation and customization of pallets, which are the building blocks of the blockchain. While many pallets are provided by Parity, Allfeat develops additional custom pallets to support the specific needs of MIDDS and the music industry.

Integration with Core Pallets

Allfeat’s custom pallets are designed to seamlessly integrate with core pallets developed by Parity, such as those for consensus mechanisms, multisig operations, and EVM support. This integration ensures a robust and flexible blockchain infrastructure that supports the unique requirements of MIDDS.

Rust Library for Music Genres

Allfeat integrates a Rust library that includes a comprehensive registry of music genres, accessible within the blockchain code. This library can be maintained by the community, allowing contributors to add or modify usable music genres through runtime upgrades. For more details, visit the Genres Registry GitHub repository.


The Decentralized Music Data Structures (MIDDS) developed by Allfeat provide a comprehensive and decentralized solution tailored for the music industry. By leveraging blockchain technology and the FRAME framework, Allfeat creates a transparent, efficient, and democratic ecosystem for artists, developers, and validators.

For detailed instructions on how to use these features, refer to the subsequent sections of this documentation.